will we “solve” the environment issue?

by Evs

Read this article “Climate change: there is no plan B” in the Guardian a couple of days ago, and it is still with me.

I have the feeling I need to do something, but I feel, as do many concerned citizens of the world, completely paralyzed. As one famous folk singer once sang “we just sit on our hands and quietly contemplate” *

And unfortunately it doesn’t feel like we have time to waste.

It comes down to this: do we trust in the nature of Humankind to come through at the last minute? Or do we trust in the nature of Humankind to ignore the problem until it negatively effects each of us personally?

the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Either way shit is gonna change, and the lifestyles we have known will be forever altered.

We have 2 choices, we either get on it ourselves, or the change will simply wash over us. or wash us away


*the linked version of this song is not the best, the album version sounds much better, but this one has the words for any non-native readers