Play by play politics

by Evs

I have to admit I have never been seriously interested in Canadian politics – it may be the politeness, or the fact that canadian political stories are often eclipsed in energy and drama by those coming from south of the border (at least in my news sources)

As a result my knowledge of the American system and issues seems to far surpass that of my own country’s. But with the oil sands project pushing the countries environmental agenda into the abyss, and this crazy new crime bill modeled after texas’s, I have definitely realized that this in not something to ignore. So I am happy to have found the open parliament web site, documenting play by play speeches and all votes. This is awesome!

There is an American equivalent. Both are being run non-profit, and non-partisan.

I have looked around for a German version, but have not yet found a true equivalent.

What about your country?