#gaveintothepressure – To Tweet, or not to.

by Evs

I have an honest confession, I have been tweeting. Yes, I joined the famous social network after 3-4 years of heartfelt avoidance. I realize everyone and their brother is on this thing and has probably at some point in 2007 blogged about it, so I will not bore you with the details about the program. You can see that here at Mashable.

I will tell you what it looks like to a newbie, though. There is a lot of boring stuff out there. I originally signed up for the newspapers and magazines I liked, but I quickly found the constant blasts both overwhelming (in number) and underwhelming (in substance). I have since de-“followed” them since they simply filled up my wall (is it called a wall in twitter?)

Good Morning” – most common tweet

I realize twitter was originally designed for people to follow their friends, but I have only found a few friends on there that write anything worthwhile. I have no interest in follow some guy I barely know who posts constantly about the mundane tasks he is doing at that moment. I remember the first time I heard about twitter it was through from this guy, Chris, I worked with. He was singing its praises, but I kept asking myself: why would I want to know every single minute of Chris’ life? What benefit is there in knowing that he was thinking about doing his taxes on the way to work, what he had for lunch, or that he likes some reality tv show about german soccer stars? I still don’t really get where the joy is in that. I also do think 140 characters, and a real time delivery system, means that inevitably the ideas that get sent out will for the most part be half-thoughts, jokes, random ponderings and boring record of mundane activity –  Still people keep tweeting it, and apparently some people keep listening.

Twitter collects personally identifiable information about its users and shares it with third parties” – wikipedia

But like Facebook and most of these social networks at the heart of this business is the acquisition and sharing of peoples information. A recent business deal between Twitter and WENN shows the problems that arise when so many people offer up their private content to a private company. This has caused some controversy about who exactly owns and has the right to sell the content that users upload onto twitter. Like Facebook, the company is vague in giving all the details of what is going on.

To boldly go where you have never been before. 

But to its credit, Twitter has given me a platform to discover some very informative and entertaining content. It feels like a giant RSS feed, from 100s of sources all at once. But you are the one to curate it. If you choose your sources properly, you can actually find out about all sorts of web content, blogs, events that concern your interests, but that you would never normally find as they are coming from somewhere far outside the region of the internet you usually visit.

For example I found this blog by  “Frugal Dad” which seems to be a finance advice style blog. But it was his infographics which grabbed me since I had just recently bought a book all about just this

I have in the end decide to give it a proper go, at least for a few months. I am going to try a few new ways of being on twitter, if I learn anything new, I will report back. For now happy twitting, tweeting and twittering

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