Earth 2

by Evs

Does anyone remember the show Earth 2? It was only on for 2 seasons in 1994 – 95, so no worries if not. Briefly, it was the story of a group of people living in 2192 who leave our solar system to go find and inhabit a planet very similar to earth, named G889 or more aptly Earth 2.  I didn’t watch that much of the show, but I vaguely remember the concept.

Well today, AP has reported that NASA scientists have in fact found a planet that may resemble earth in terms of temperature and make-up. Whether or not it contains life is not yet determined, but scientists are excited to have for the first time found anything resembling our earth out there in the stars!

They have named it Kepler-22b, but the press has deemed it Earth 2.0 …

Here’s a full article about it on Periscope Post.

Sadly the planet is just about 600 light years away, so its not looking like the trip to Earth 2, as shown in the show, will be happening just yet.

Still this has been a big week for astronomists, they have found 2 giant black holes and an earth-like planet! And they are getting attention from the press! Wiked!

If we keep it up, maybe just maybe we can make it past our species pettiness, make it into space and maybe one day this will be real!

Here’s hoping!

PS. Please note the star trek references in the last 2 posts. And yes, there will be more