A little new years resolve

by Evs

So it is 2012, the year that the ancient mayans predict we will see the end of the world. or the beginning. or the middle, depending on your interpretation. Its also the year of the wild circus that is the American presidential race. Let the crazy begin.

But predictions and circus nonsense aside, I have decided to make 2012 mine. And so it is time for the resolution roll out.

I am quite a fan of resolutions. I think when properly developed, they can act as an effective framework or guide to the new year.

I remember a few years ago, my new year’s resolution was on the vague side. It was simply: Make the right decision! Believe it or not, it resulted in one of my best years yet.  Obviously being “right” is totally subjective. But it was also surprisingly effective. As a result of the resolution, I stopped falling into the old traps. I stopped making clearly bad decisions for short-term gain, like overdoing it in parties when I wasn’t really having fun, spending hours watching TV shows that I didn’t even like (ahem… Heroes), shying away from projects I was really interested in or dating obvious douchebags out of boredom. That year, I made a point of standing by my principles, showing myself (and others) the utmost respect, and becoming an overall more responsible citizen of the world.

Another year, I took a different approach and went for the specifics. I resolved to accomplish 3 specific things that year: Find a respectable romantic partner, take a language class, and volunteer at a music-related company. The resolutions were precise, but within reach, and were all things I really wanted to do. They also gave me just the right amount of push to do something a little outside of my usual. I ended up doing all 3 within 3-4 months. Signing up for language classes took an hour, volunteering at a music company (it actually ended up being a job) involved some fun networking, and the romantic partner… well I was maybe a little lucky with that one!

All this to say, I appreciate the power of the resolution!

So now back to 2012 and the year that I will own (or pwn, depending on your level of nerd)! This year, my resolutions are a mixture of the specific and the vague.

I would like to accomplish 3 concrete things: program an app, develop a project around web series, co-create a food & photo project which culminates in an exhibit and a cookbook.

But I also resolve to be more productive this year than any previous year.

I would love for others to join me on this last one. Who’s with me?

2012 here we come