Trying to avert my eyes…

by Evs

I really am trying my best to ignore the hoopla surrounding the Republican primaries in America, but the race to the bottom is just too much to ignore.

In order to appeal to their members, the Republican candidates can’t be too educated, too rich, too aware, too savvy, or show too much curiosity or common sense. And they need to (secretly) favor big business, tax cuts for corporations, low taxes for the richest members of society and the continued shift of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich. But they need to hide this in smooth talk, in down-home charm, in a “trustworthy face”.

They need to deny climate change, promote the death penalty while banning a woman’s right to choose in the guise of being “pro-life”, and constantly proclaim their love of country and god. And then they need to lie and lie and call others liars, and play mad, and play sad, and strut around as though on a horse… weeeehaw its Cowboy country fellas.

No room for the weak. No room for the wise.

Pandering is an age old art. It is amazing that almost everyone can get the facts behind the populist babble, with a just click of a mouse, but still this BS has the power to sway a large portion of the American electorate.

It’s as though we as a species can’t grow up, we just spin our wheels and let history repeat itself.

People should, by now, know better.