New Sim City at Last!

by Evs

Sitting in the corner of my third grade elementary school classroom was a single Apple Macintosh SE/30 desktop computer. It was mainly used for teaching, but it also had a couple early video games (like Oregon Trail). Included in its small repertoire was the original Sim City from Maxis – the first game in the long running Sim City franchise. Sim City is a game where you build a city from the ground up, manage it, and watch it grow. Its like an introduction to urban planning, but gamified!


My teacher would only let students play Sim City* once or twice a week, as a special treat. He used the oh-so-unfair “pick a name out of a hat” method to decide who got to play. And to the dismay of my 8 year-old self, I never got picked.

Like all things in life you so want but cannot have, this early experience got me forever hooked on the game.

By the time we got a computer in our home, Maxis had released its second title Sim City 2000 *. I finally got to play to my hearts content. and that i did until I was pulled away by the family or life or the need for food. The addiction had begun. I loved that game. To build a town, watch the buildings pop up and see the people come… that was such pleasure. Later it was Sim City 3000* and Sim City 4*. Gameplay got more complex and the graphics got better, but that core joy – building a city that “lived” – was always the highlight. It didn’t exactly stop with Sim City either. I loved (and still love) those games where you got to play the architect, the mayor, the theme park manager, the leader of a great empire or – in the case of the successful Sim City spin-off “The Sims” – god.

*I have linked some demos to the various titles in case you want to have a look at the gameplay

Sims City 5 Announced

Needless to say, when I recently learned about the new Sim City release, scheduled for 2013, my heart skipped a beat! Another version to explore, to build with & to waste hours of my life (oh but hours wasted in bliss)!

Here is the trailer:

According to the specs, they have included an emphasis on environment and resource sharing among different towns. There may be an online component.. All things I am so looking forward to trying…

There is a little pre-release demo up online that you can see here.

My elementary school self is completely flipping over this!