BriTANick: Two guys and a camera

by Evs

BriTANick is a little comedy duo originally out of New York. Brian Mcelhaney and Nick Kocher formed the group in 2008 and have been producing hilarious web content every since. My first introduction to their work was their viral Award Winning Movie Trailer video clip, which captures and distills the ridiculousness of famous dramatic trailers so very well. Take a look:

I guess I kinda fell for their brand of comedy on contact. And lucky for me, they have continue to be very prolific online, releasing 30 odd videos in the last 4 years, as well touring a live show. Now these two are in LA, working in the biz. But I hope they get their own show sometime.

Here are a a few of my favorite clips from BriTANick:

The Morning Routine:


Boys Night In (their latest video):

If you want more, check out all their videos at – I would recommend you look at A Monologue for Thee and its sequel the A Monologue for Three. Do these guys have talent or what?