Video Games Galore!

by Evs

It has been some time since I played a video game religiously. And maybe that is a good thing. But in the last few months, I have learned about a few games that look so cool, I can’t help but want to jump back into to the gaming universe.

The games I am eyeing are ApotheonWatch Dogs, & Assassin’s Creed III. And of course there is the new Sim City set to come out in March, but I have already covered that in a previous post.

While all of these games are different in style and substance, they each look totally amazing in their own right. Here are some more details:


Apotheon is a great looking Ancient Greek themed indie game. Here is the description from the developer, Alientrap:

“Apotheon is a 2D platform action-RPG set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology. Along with a large single player campaign in a massive open world Mount Olympus, Apotheon will include online multiplayer with deathmatch and team based game modes.”

A video game designed to look like the art found on Ancient Greek pottery? Brilliant! Add to this the fact that the story is taps into greek mythology, and you have every history buff/video game nerd’s dream game. I am sold.

As you may know, I am a long standing fan ancient history and greek mythology – check out my post about the city of Troy for more on that little obsession – and can’t wait to see the how this Alientrap will be injecting these stories into a video game context. Plus I heard the game play is akin to Zelda, now I am extra psyched! They are expecting to release this on Steam mid 2013. There is no specific release date yet announced.

Thanks to for introducing me to this gem.

Watch Dogs

Next up is a game that was announced by Ubisoft Montreal in June of this year: Watch Dogs. The game is an overt social critique of the prevalence of digital devices in today’s world and our reliance on connected networks to manage and maintain order in our cities. Much of the game play involving a character hacking into the city grid, various telecommunication networks and the mobile devices of the people in the vicinity of the character. It paints a bleak but plausible future reality of urban criminal activity in a connected world. Despite not yet having an announced release date, the franchise looks so promising.

The cityscape is beautiful, I think it is set in an old part of chicago. And I love the look of this trailer, despite all the seeming inevitable shoot-out after minute 7:00.

As a side note, I am always a little disappointed when video game trailers highlight the most violent part of gameplay – I am no fan of gratuitous violence in any medium.

Still the game has potential. It reminds me slightly of L.A. Noire, in its seeming emphasis on story and character development, attention to detail, and the slow pace with which the story unravels but with a way more relevant and seemingly complicated game-scenario.

Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin’s Creed III, another Ubisoft Montreal release, is according to Slate magazine is the “most accessible reconstruction of the Revolutionary War era that’s ever been made“. The Slate article goes on to say that this is due in part to the “painstaking research and astonishing sense of historical responsibility that AC3’s makers poured into the project”. The results according to a few reviews I have seen are supposed to be extraordinary. Check out this ACIII screenshot of colonial Boston city street:

Again, I would prefer a game that was less focused on the first-person hack and slash violence and more focused on the history. Still, it sounds like Ubisoft has done its homework in crafting this title to be quite true to life.  I can’t wait to explore this world.

Looking forward to seeing these titles on the market in the next year. Any other recommendations? Feel free to let me know below!